Flying to Cuenca, Ecuador from California…

December 5, 2012 at 9:32 am 1 comment

Happy flyer me reporting in again.

On my way to Cuenca for the fourth time with trustworthy TACA, an excellent airline choice if  flying from the west coast ( San Francisco or Los Angeles).  The flights are direct, traveling south along the Pacific coast, and, the journey is relatively painless.

On other trips I departed on  TACA after midnight in order to arrive in Quito (via Costa Rica), at midday, and then changed planes  in Quito for the 50 minute flight to Cuenca. For this trip I decided to try an alternate route and fly during the day from LAX to Guayaquil, changing planes in San Salvador.

Guayaquil airport

Guayaquil airport

Not sure the day trip was the wisest choice as I had to overnight late at night in Guayaquil – it’s unwise for a woman traveling alone in this not so tame city.  I chose a hostal close to the airport recommended by someone from Cuenca’s ex-pat newsletter the Gringo Tree and was so disappointed.  There was no rest for the weary – a loud party and barking dogs across the street all night.  For the same price I could have been in an immaculate, quiet, charming three or four star hotel anywhere else.  Just another affirmation of my lack of affinity for Guayaquil, and another lesson about why one must not trust web site photos – what you see is not necessarily what you will receive.  Though if passing through again, I will learn of better places to stay.  On I viewed a handful of apartments and homes I might have enjoyed for half what I paid at the dreary hostal.

The good news is that flying through El Salvador meant not having to go through security with hand luggage as one must do changing planes in Costa Rica or Guatemala.  I also avoided Quito’s new airport which is over an hour from the city (not convenient if you are stuck there). The airport in Guayaquil is beautiful, and this time of year the balmy weather in the city feels wonderful.  Another bonus is that the flight to Cuenca, on a clear day, goes over the Andes.

Flying into Cuenca

I flew Ecuadorian airline TAME to Cuenca (third time using this company and still delighted with their service).   I like their planes – they are older, seem sturdier, and have leather seats.  On the Guayaquil-Cuenca run they use a small propeller plane which is surprisingly quiet.

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  • 1. FJ  |  December 11, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    So glad you arrived safely! Excellent travel tips….

    F & E


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